Multimodal web platform for creating online schools and
full-cycle courses
With Big Data and Emotional Data analysis algorithms

Online courses
100 000+

Visitors per month

Tools for conducting online courses and managing
educational process
Instruments for emotional data analytics (Neural network)
Tools to control and monitor the behavior of students.
The adaptive learning process improved by us with
constant emotion analysis allows us to reach
a retention level of around 90%

The project uses advanced technologies and standards for the production of software products such as:
Multi-level MVC framework based on the dynamic interpreted Ruby language
Microservices on the software platform Node.js
Media servers that support the WebRTC Protocol
bject-relational database management system PostgreSQL
Modern revisions of client browser technologies CSS3
Javascript with support for the WebRTC Protocol (HTML5)
Our team
Vladislav Musatov
Founder & CEO
Organization and control of work performance, financial management of the company, sales and marketing management, organization of development process, communication with customers and partners,
Daniil Musatov
Tracking the status of the project, the progress of tasks by the technical employee. Development of EDM platform and emotional data algorithms, management of platform architecture , project management.
Valeriy Khodortsov
Lead developer (ML/Emotional data)
Development of an automated system for extracting useful information from video recordings of lessons.
Development of educational products based on Emotional Data and Big data.


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